Passion and love,
ingredients of our history

For two generations

The company Bontà S.r.l. is a confectionery and frozen food business. Ever since foundation, the Company operates to satisfy the growing demand for higher quality ingredients to be used in food production, especially for the Italian and European markets. Our production complex develops within a structure of over 5.000 sqm divided in two sections: an area dedicated to the production of ice cream and pastries, and a section dedicated to packing frozen foods.

We follow the tradition,
we believe in Innovation.

Our products have been created inspired by our tradition, our roots, but we choose to constantly innovate our production process in order to offer the best in terms of quality and technology.

Among the latest products created by Bontà you can find our “Special edition” cakes, stemming from significant cultural celebrations (Christmas with the Cherry Christmas, Easter with the single-portion Pastiera, along with Carnival, Saint Valentine’s, Ferragosto …) and the Top Quality Bontà ice cream (four products made with fresh milk, 100% lemon juice, Lucanian pistachios, tiramisu from our confectionery, finest cocoa). We follow tradition, we love our roots, and this finds a growing love from our consumers, especially thanks to the finest quality raw materials, together with the easy-opening and complete reusability of our packaging, because we believe in innovation associated with respect for the environment.

4 Marchi

I nostri prodotti sono suddivisi in 4 marchi, per differenziare la nostra offerta al pubblico. Abbiamo scelto anche una produzione BIO, perchè crediamo negli ingredienti di elevata qualità.

Bontà s.r.l.

Bontà dell'Angelo

Bontà dell'Angelo BIO

Dolce Vivere

Our values

Our roots

Artisan quality: carefully selected raw materials and freshness, manufactured with the best artisanal processes.

Connected with the land and the environment: research and the enhancement of local raw materials and local human resources; protection of the environment (reusable packaging and green energy).

Respect and consideration for our consumers: the great clarity of our labels; a wide sales network.

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