From breakfast to dessert,
we fill your table,
and add flavour to your day
BONTA S.R.L.- PRoduction destined to Retail

Cakes and confectionary, artisanal production

Made with high-quality ingredients, minimal use of semi-finished products and processing methods performed by hand by specialized staff.



A range of fine ice cream products, in many flavours and various formats. All in the name of taste and quality


Fishery products

We have always brought to your tables and to our customer’s counters only the best seafood, to enjoy a freshly-caught taste every day.

DOLCE VIVERE - PRoduction destined to HO.RE.CA.

Cakes and confectionary for HO.RE.CA.

A range of products created for those who work in the catering sector, with our guarantee of quality and our choice of genuine ingredients, enriched by our “Special edition” products in order to give to those who desire it the exclusivity it deserves.

BONTA' DELL'ANGELO - Production destined for Breakfast

Breakfast, tradition and quality.

A range of products for breakfast, made with ingredients chosen with love, with like-homemade extra filling and production that guarantees quality and safety in the production.

BONTA' DELL'ANGELO BIO – An organic,ethical, healthy and sustainable world

An organic breakfast, traditional and healthy.

We have created this range of products for anyone who wants to follow a lifestyle dedicated to well-being, quality and sustainability.

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